Hair Styling and How to


9 out of 10 women are constantly looking for a new hair style – whether it’s to have a unique style or for a special occasion. Every person has their own idea on what to choose the right hairstyles to fit them but it’s always depends on person’s face, shape, hair, texture, and the occasion. If your spending the day at the mall or watching movie at your friend place, then for sure you want to have a relaxed and casual, and easy to maintain hair style.

The Sock Bun


            A new kind of hair styling is called The Sock Bun – it looks like a bun, produces awesome no-heat curls. It only takes 5 minutes at night, and 2-3 in the morning and the nice having a sock bun it can’t damage your hair with heat styling tools.  All that is needed…

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The Fourth is Here!

Fourth of July fashion

The Fashion Foot

The Fourth of July is once again upon us. One of the biggest questions you ask yourself is, what am I going to do;  however, another question that goes hand in hand with that is, what am I going to wear?! First and foremost, you have to decide what your plans are, once you plan out the event, you can dress yourself accordingly. The Fourth of July offers countless activities to do, whether it’s fireworks, BBQ’s, parties, concerts, going into the city, etc. Take advantage of every opportunity, this day always proves to be memorable and fun!

Fashion, in general, and choosing an outfit is never easy, a lot of thought and effort is usually put into it, especially when you are going out and you know people are going to see you. As I said before, step one: decide what you are going to do! If you are planning…

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