Gotta Have It: Animal Print

The Fashion Foot

If you ask anyone that knows me, they will tell you how obsessed I am with animal print and that I have countless numbers of clothes in that print. I will continue to buy more and more, but why not, it’s a great pattern and you have so many different options to choose from, such as color, design, and how to wear it.  Anytime I wear that print, my friends always make a comment to me and joke to me about, calling me a Cheetah girl or things along that line. I can’t get enough of it though! It’s so fun to work with, and you just feel great in it. Whether it is cheetah, zebra, giraffe, or leopard print, this trend is everywhere right now, and I haven’t met someone yet who doesn’t like it.

Celebs are embracing the trend, and you can’t read a magazine without seeing animal…

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12-minute ab workout

I love quick workouts [get in and get it over with]

pumps & iron

Everyone has a “problem area.” Well, maybe not everyone—I’m looking at you, Victoria’s Secret Angels. But most people have an area of their body that’s just a bit more difficult to slim down and tone up than the rest. For me, it’s definitely my stomach, which is why I love creating workouts to torture strengthen my abs.

This ab workout is only 12 minutes long and consists of only three moves. Simple, but challenging. Set an interval timer for 12 rounds of 50 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. You’ll go through the following sequence three times.

  • Windshield Wipers: Lay on back, legs perpendicular to the ground and arms outstretched for support. Lower your legs to the right, twisting your hips, until they are just hovering above the ground. Lift back to starting position and over to the left side. Continue back and forth in a windshield…

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Style Seen: Mayte Doll in a bebe Maxi Dress

Stylust - The Official bebe Blog

We’re head over heels for blogger Mayte’s (Mayte Doll) style. So we flipped when we saw the way she styled our Asymmetric Stripes Maxi Dress (#194459, we’re sold out online but you can try finding it by sku at your local bebe store), with a statement necklace, chunky sandals and chic nude carryall. OBSESSED!

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are some Mayte-inspired bebe alternatives. Would you flaunt this look?

GET A SIMILAR LOOK>>Stripe Maxi DressLong Knotted Fringe NecklaceWoven Chain Tote (in Natural)Kissed Cork Platform Leather Sandal

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Michael Kors: Not The Only Watch Designer

The Fashion Foot

Watches have become on of the most popular accessories over the past few years with Michael Kors taking credit for the majority of the market that are purchased.  Marc Jacobs also offers designer watches that are just as fashionable and classy as Michael Kors.  David Yurman, who is typically thought of as solely selling high-end jewelry, has alternative, more modern looking watches that are great if you are looking for a watch and not just an accessory.  If you are looking for something with more glam and diamonds, Michele brand watches are perfect.  They can dress up any outfit while also prevent you from being fashionably late.  Similar to Michele is Breil, which feature Swarovski crystals on its watches.  Watches are of course supposed to keep you on time, but honestly it’s 2012 and everyone just uses their phone for time.  If you are buying a watch it is for…

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What To Do With Onion Blooms?

We harvested some onions the other day for dinner and they have such pretty blooms that we didn’t want to throw them out. Each stalk had a ball made of many tiny white flowers at the tip.

So I saved them and made a flower arrangement, of course! Just a tiny little arrangement in this really cool zebra striped mug.

I absolutely LOVE this color combination- white, pink, + gray. It seems like I say that A LOT. Well, I guess I just like MANY color combos.

Don’t you love the TINY TINY rose buds? I am so happy that I can share all the glory from our garden with you!

Yay! Summer is HERE!.

‘Til next post, Kellie.

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